PET Diagnoses and/or Procedures

This screen is used to define the Diagnosis for a given program. Each diagnoses is linked to a given program so that different programs using PET will have a customized set of diagnoses.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > PET Administration > Diagnoses


Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > PET Administration > Procedures

NOTE: The procedure for setting up a PET Diagnoses or Procedure are identical. We will be demonstrating Diagnoses

Manage Diagnoses/Procedures

After selecting a Program Year, you will receive a report listing all existing Diagnoses/Procedures along with a count showing their linkage to G&Os and programs. Additional functions from this screen include adding new Diagnoses/Procedures, reviewing the general G&O list, viewing all Diagnoses/Procedures and records, selecting a new year, and linking to a Program.

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Add Diagnosis

This screen is used to create new Diagnosis for use with the PET system. It can be accessed via the Diagnosis management screen or, if the option is enabled, from the Event screen when linking an Event to a Diagnosis.

If the specific Program has already been identified, then your record will be linked to that Program. If your Program has not been identified, then you will be given an option to select a Program.

Diagnosis records are not available for use until they have been assigned to a Program, and then only in the Programs to which they have been assigned.

  1. Name: (*) Required field
  2. Assign Programs: Click the link to assign Programs
  3. Save Record

Assign Programs

  • Unassigned Programs: Click the Program/s in the left column to move them to the Selected Programs
  • Click the box to Save and Close the window

General G&O List

  • Available G&O: Click the G&Os in the left column to move them to the Selected G&O column
  • Click the box to Save and Close the window

All Diagnoses

This report will display all of the Diagnoses in your system regardless of which Program(s) the Diagnoses are linked.

You can see how many Programs each Diagnosis is linked to and you can update those links.


  • Add New Diagnosis: Use this option to create a new Diagnosis
  • Deleted Diagnoses: Use this option to review deleted records
  • Select New Year / G&O / Program: Use this option to review the Diagnoses for a given Program
  • Diagnosis: Click to Edit
  • Programs: Click to Select

Select Year

Select Year will return you to the original screen to select and Academic Year.

This list lets you quickly link existing Diagnoses to a selected Program. You can also unlink diagnoses from a Program.