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This option allows administrators to manage the active Announcements in Leo. It is primarily a tool to remove unwanted Announcements.

Path: Admin Toolbar  > Advanced > Account Manager > Modules [expand] > Announcements [expand]

Use the following settings to customize Announcement features:

  • Minutes between Announcement checks: Click the blue link (No Value Assigned) to set the number of minutes between system announcement checks. The default and minimum is 5 minutes.
  • Activate announcement manager: This setting will allow administrators to remove unwanted announcements.
  • Disable reply option for students: Check this setting to disable the Reply option for students in the announcement tab.
  • Disable the new announcement option in announcement tab for students: Check this option to disable the new announcement icon in the announcement tab for students.
  • Allow users to hide read announcements: Check this option to allow users to hide an announcement after reading it. A count of active, read announcements will be displayed and users will be allowed to review announcements that have been hidden.
  • Block students from adding new recipients to an email: Check this option to block students from adding new recipients to an email or announcement.
Step 3: Click to expand 'Announcements', then check the box for 'Activate announcement manager'
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