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MSPE Administration: Students

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This report displays all students based on the affiliation selected, and allows you to view information about the number of courses with MSPE datam, the last time a MSPE draft letter was downloaded, make changes to students' matriculation and/or graduation dates , as well as download student MSPE letters in bulk.

  1. Use the Student Affiliation dropdown to select which students you want to view in this report.
  2. Selecting the student's name will open that students Academic Portrait ®️.
  3. Completed MSPE Sections displays the number of course sections in which the student was enrolled that has evaluations, a grading description, and a finalized gradebook.
  4. Incomplete MSPE Sections diplays the number of course section in either evaluations, a grading description, or a finalized gradebook are missing.
  5. Use the Bulk Action dropdown to export selected students' MSPE letters, or make changes to the matriculation and/or graduation dates.
  6. Each students' matriculation and graduation dates are visible on this report.
  7. Last Exported On displays the last time a draft MSPE letter was exported for each student. Clicking on this link will download a copy of the last export.

Assign Academic Dates

Use the Bulk Actions dropdown to assign academic dates to selected students. The dates should be entered in the YYYY-MM-DD format.

Keep in mind, any dates entered on this screen will be applied to all (4) selected students. Any previously entered data will be overwritten when you click Save.

Export MSPE Letters in Bulk

You can also use the bulk actions dropdown to export MSPE letters for selected students in bulk. Use the tools in the report (Remember! You can filter the report based on student affiliation) and select any (or all) of the students for which you wish to generate a new draft MSPE letter.

Once you click Export, Leo will begin generating the MSPE letters in the background. You will receive the MSPE letters as a .zip file in your Leo Inbox.

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