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PET Reports: Procedures by Year

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This report shows a summary listing of Procedures based on the parameters you have chosen, such as: Academic Year.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > PET Administration > Reports > Procedures by Year > [Select Year]

  1. Event Count: Click to get a detailed list of the Events for a given Procedure.
  2. Spreadsheet Icon: Click to generate an Event detail spreadsheet report, showing the Course, Rotation, Academic Year, and Location.

(1) Event Count

This report lists the name of the Course, the Event, Date and a count of any linked Events

NOTE: This is a Curriculum Report, so Linked Events are summarized, and only represented once.

Running the Excel Report for the Procedure selected Example

  • Click Run report
  • A message will pop up stating: "Generating the detail excel report. Initializing... Do not leave this screen until the completion message is displayed."
  • When the report has finished you will be able to open the downloaded excel document on your computer.
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