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Faculty Type

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This report shows a list of the Faculty Types defined for your system.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > Faculty Management > Faculty Type

Add New Type

  • Name (*): The Faculty Type name must be unique - you cannot have two Faculty Types with the same name.
  • Description:
  • Save Record

Note:  Leo will check that the name you enter is unique.  If the name you enter has already been used, Leo will let you know and the save and delete options will be disabled until the conflict is resolved.

NOTE: If you modify the Faculty Type Record Name, any Users who have been associated to the previous record will have their Faculty Type updated.

Unassigned Faculty

The Faculty User Count Report lists all Faculty Users who have been assigned and/or are waiting to be assigned.

Unassigned Faculty: This list needs to have a Faculty Type assigned

  1. Click the number in the Count column to assign their Faculty Type.
  2. Use the Control + F or Command + F to search for Faculty by name.
  3. Click the Faculty member's name
  4. Select the Faculty Type
  5. Save Changes


NOTE: Should you wish to associate a Faculty Type when a User is created, you can assign these Faculty Types in the User Management Screen.

  • Once a User's profile is set to Faculty, the Faculty Types will appear and these can be accessed by clicking the chevron.
  • Save Record
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