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Data Export Overview

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The options in the menu allow the System Administrator to control the various automated export systems within Leo. The data export types include:

  • Database synchronization
  • File synchronization
  • XML export (not yet in production)

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > Data Entry > Data Export

  • Export Courses: This utility will let you export the courses for a given Academic and School Year. For more information, refer to Export Courses.
  • User Roster: This screen is used to select the parameters for running a Roster Export from Leo. For more information, refer to Export User Roster.
  • MyExportAdmin: For more information, refer to Export My Export Admin
  • Faculty, Course, Event Snapshot: This utility will generate an XML document that contains all of the Courses and Events for an Academic Year, it also includes a full listing of Faculty and Locations. For more information, refer to Export Faculty, Course, Event Snapshot.
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