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Location Management: Buildings

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Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > Location Management > Buildings

  1. Building Listing: This lists all the buildings in the system by their campus.
  2. Add a New Building: This option is used to define a building, which can then be associated with locations (rooms).
  3. Search: Enter name, campus or description.

Edit or Add New

This screen is used to define a Building, which can then be associated with Locations (Rooms).  The building option in Location Management is optional, but is required for some systems that Leo interact with, such as ECHO360.

NOTE: If you do not enter a Time Zone for your Building, the default Campus time zone will be used. If the Campus does not have a defined Time Zone, the the default Time Zone for your system will be used.

Building Records

  • Name (*): Enter the name of the Building
  • Campus (*): Enter the name of the Campus

Optional fields are:

  • Description:
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Time Zone
  • Deleted
  • Save Building Record
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