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Leo's Insights Dashboard provides data that will allow high level administrators to gain a bird's eye view of their program. 

In this article we will review how to customize, manage and interact with the Insights Dashboard.

The Insights Dashboard is set at a default security level of 75 and will only display for high level administrators at this security level or higher, unless adjusted by the institution.

Insights Setup and Settings

On the Insights tab, click Select a Different Program to review or modify settings for the Insights Dashboard by Program.

  1. Program: Click the Program dropdown to select a different Program
  2. Security Level: Click the Security Level dropdown to adjust access to the Insights Dashboard for the selected Program. The default value for this field is 75.
  3. Landing Page: On this dropdown menu you can set the default Landing Page  that you will see when logging in, to either the Insights Dashboard or the Calendar. This will apply for all users who have access to the Insights tab within that Program.
  4. Select Save to record changes for the Program.

The default Security Level is 75 for access to the Insights tab and would allow Staff Admin or higher access to the data displayed on the Insights Dashboard.

Countdown Widget

The Countdown widget on the Insights Dashboard provides a space to display a countdown towards a particular event. This setting is determined by Program and will display for all users within that Program who have access to the Insights Dashboard.

Click More info to access settings for the Countdown widget.

  1. Name of Event: Type the Name of the Event as you would like it to display on the Countdown Widget.
  2. Date of the Event: Click Date of Event to use the calendar to set the date for the event.
  3. Click Save.

Once the Date of the Event is reached, the count will read 0 until a new Countdown Event and Date of Event is entered.

Statistics widgets

The Student Logins, Materials Downloaded and Evaluations Submitted widgets will update on a rolling basis and are determined by the system statistics for your Program over the last 7 days.

Click More info to navigate to the Stats page for your Program.

For more detailed information on the Leo statistics page, refer to the Stats article.

This week's events by type report

This week's event by type report displays a cumulative total of Events by Event Type displayed in a bar chart. The chart updates weekly to reflect events occurring Sunday through Saturday for your Program. 

Hover over each bar to view exact counts by Event Type.

For more detailed information on Event Types refer to the Events: Event Types article.

Faculty with most hours

This report displays the name and profile picture of faculty members who have the highest number of Event hours for the last 7 days.  These are rolling statistics and will update daily based on your Program's events in the calendar.

Click on the name hyperlinked under the photo to navigate to the Faculty's User Profile in Leo.

For detailed information on the User Profile, refer to our User Management Screen article.

Mapping Quality

The Mapping Quality widget enables you to quickly review Curriculum Mapping across your Program, providing a high level overview of gaps.  The report is organized by Course and provides a count of any Mapping Elements that are missing from Events in each course.

  1. Missing Mapping Element(s): Courses with Events that are missing mapping elements will be indicated with a red box, displaying the Event Count for the number of events missing the particular mapping element indicated in the column header.  
  2. Completed Mapping: Courses with a green checkmark in the column indicate that all Events within that Course include the specific mapping element indicated in the column header.

For more detailed information refer to the Overview of Curriculum Mapping article.

Modify Mapping

To modify Curriculum Mapping from this screen, click on the Course Name in the Courses Column.  This will display Events in the selected Course.

On the Mapping Quality Event Report screen, sort by the Mapping Element you wish to see, in order to quickly determine where mapping is missing.

To update mapping for the Event, click on the Event Name to navigate to the Event screen.  Select the Mapping menu and update any Curriculum Mapping needed for the selected Event.

Path: Insights Dashboard > [select Course] > [select Event] > Mapping > [select Mapping to modify]

For more detailed information on the Event Mapping menu refer to the Faculty: Event Mapping Menu article.

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