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Menu Security

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The Menu Security report allows you to set the level of access for all menu items and sub-menu items in the Admin Toolbar.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > System Administation > Menu Security

Edit Menu Security

You can choose the edit icon (1) to make changes to any menu items in the Admin Toolbar in Leo.

Only high level users (95 and above) have access to the Menu Security report and can make changes. Unlike other menu items, the security level needed to access this report cannot be changed.

(2) Edit the custom security level of the menu item to adjust the level of access by Leo users.

(3) Assign access to this menu item to specific user groups. You can create and manage groups in Leo by navigating to Group Management in the Admin Toolbar.

Remember that access to menu items on the Admin Toolbar is similar to a series of doors that someone could step through. If they have a high enough security level (or they are assigned to specific groups) they can see and walk through a door (i.e. expand a menu or access a menu item). However, it they can't access the Menu Item Parent (first column), then they won't be able to see the menu item to which you've given them access. To grant someone access to a menu item that is multiple levels deep, you will need to ensure they have access to the Menu Item Parent(s). This may also mean you need to adjust levels of other items that you don't want a specific user level (or user group) to access.

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