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PET Clinical Presentations

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This report lets you manage your Clinical Presentations. You can:

  • Modify existing Clinical Presentations
  • Create new Clinical Presentations
  • Delete old Clinical Presentations
  • Assign G&O globally or per entry

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > Pat Administration > Clinical Presentations > [Select Year]

(1) Add New Clinical Presentation

This screen lets you define Clinical Presentation records that can then be used in PET by students.

  1. Name: (*) Required field
  2. Assign Programs: Click the link to assign Programs
  3. Save Record

(2) Assign Programs

  • Unassigned Programs: Click the Program/s in the left column to move them to the Selected Programs
  • Click the box to Save and Close the window

(2) General G&O List

  • Available G&O: Click the Goals and Objectives that you want to be identified with this Clinical Presentation.
  • Click the box to Save and Close the window

NOTE: Hovering over the Available G&O will display a more detailed explanation.

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