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The Calendar options within the Account Manager provide greater customization of the calendar system.

Path: Admin Toolbar  > Advanced > Account Manager > Modules [expand] > Calendar [expand]

  • Show campus information: Check this option to display the campus abbreviation in the event hovers on the calendar.
  • Enable the option to lock the school year in the Calendar Filter: This will force the filter to use the default school year in your profile.
  • Enable the option to filter by events that are being audited: This enables only the events that are being audited to always be displayed in the filter.
  • Disable display of primary course: The primary course will not be displayed on the Calendar.
  • Enable Time Zone options: Set a time zone for your own computer that's different than the time zone for events created on your system.
  • Enable CalDav: Allows users to access their Calendar across their devices. This keeps their Calendar private.
  • Enable ICS Export (password protected): Allows users to download their Calendar data and keep it private.
  • Allow Public ICS Subscription (ICS Export must be enabled): Allows users to subscribe to their Calendar. This makes their Calendar public. 
  • Add Mandatory and Attire Information to iCAL feed: Shows attendance and attire info in Event description.
  • CalDav/ICS Days: This defines the number of days before and after the current day that will be included in the Calendar subscription feeds. Default is 60 days.
  • CalDav/ICS URL: Assign a URL - if you are utilizing the Calendar Subscription and have SSO setup, you will need to update the URL to the noshib URL. For assistance, contact the Help Desk.
  • Include event groups in calendar hover: Will display a list of the enrollment Groups attached to an Event for Faculty and Staff.
  • Display broadcast data in the calendar and activate broadcast filter option: The broadcast option shows which Events are broadcasting shared Events. This option will show in the Calendar UI.
  • Related Materials on Calendar Tab: (See the dropdown to select an option)
    • Always Display Related Materials on Calendar Tab by Default (Longest Load Time)
    • Minimize Related Materials on Calendar Tab by Default (Faster Load Time)
    • Remove Related Materials from Calendar Tab for all Users (Fastest Load Time)
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