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PET Encounter Types

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This screen is to manage Encounter Type records in the PET module. These records define how, or in what setting, an encounter occurred. The name of this record must be unique.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > PET Administration > Encounter Types

  1. Name (*) Required: The name must be unique.
  2. Description: Optional
  3. Sequence (*) Required: Select the order for the Encounter Type in the drop down menu selection
  4. Save Record

Encounter Types: For One Program

If you need to associate Encounter Types to specific Programs, you can do this after the Encounter Type has been created.

From the Program Management screen:

  1. Click the Link Encounter Type Records to this Program.
  2. Click the Available Encounter Types on the left to move them to the Selected Encounter Types of the right.
  3. Click the square to close and save your selection.
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