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MSPE Administration: Courses

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The MSPE Course Template report provides an overview of all Course Templates in Leo, both those included and those not included in the MSPE Assistant.

You can use this report to view which courses are missing critical components of the MSPE (Medical Student Performance Evalution), make updates to the gradebook settings for these courses, and include (or exclude) courses from the MSPE Assistant in Leo.

  1. Show Not-Included: Instead of viewing all of the Course Templates that are part of the MSPE Assistant, view the Course Templates that are not included. This will allow you to adjust settings and include the courses that need to be included, as well as adjust Course Template gradebook settings for other, non-MSPE, Course Templates.
  2. Course Template: Open the Course Template gradebook settings for the given Academic Year. You can make any needed changes to MSPE, or other components (see image below).
  3. Rebuild Comparative Analysis: Update the comparative analysis charts for the given Course Template.
  4. Checkboxes: These columns are used to track whether the given course template has a grading description, an assigned grade matrix, and if any evaluations have been approved.
  5. Export Inclusion: Clicking here allows you quick access to include, or exclude, courses from the MSPE Assistant export.

Whether a course in included in the MSPE Assistant, or not, you can use the MSPE Course Report to make changes to the Course Template gradebook settings for a given academic year. Click on the Course Template name, make the changes, and hit save.

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