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The Content settings in the Account Manager allow System Administrators and Super Users to customize certain settings related to the content in your instance of Leo.

Path: Admin Toolbar  > Advanced > Account Manager > Modules [expand] > Content > [expand]

  • Use Multi File upload: Enables Multi file upload option
  • Activate custom download timeout setting: Enables custom timeout option
    • Custom download timeout time: Specify number of seconds before a download timeout. 0 = unlimited.
    • Custom download timeout flag size trigger: Specify the file size (bytes) that will trigger the timeout.
  • Activate Content Server option: Activate the remote content server option, must be configured in bdlocal.
  • Disable auto rsync to content host: This option is for systems using SAN or other centralized storage.
  • Disable New Document option:
  • LTI Debug: If checked, verbose output of LTI connections will be written to the Exceptions list.
  • Normalize Zip Path: If checked, the path names of Zip file archives will be normalized (alpha numeric only)
  • Allow Saving Web Links without Verification: If checked, web links can be saved even if they fail verification.
  • Display 'All New Documents' link in Calendar Document List: Displays a link on the Calendar's Document list that will open the New Document report.

Program: Settings

Set Quality Assurance and display settings for all uploaded content

Path: Admin Toolbar  > Advanced > Account Manager > Modules [expand] > Content > [expand] > Program Settings [expand]

  • Display Related Materials by Default: Provides a Material Pane on Course Section and Event screens
  • Enable the QA content module: Provided tools to verify and approve Course content.
  • Hide unapproved QA content from students: Hides content that has not been approved by the QA process from Students.
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