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PET Core Problems

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This option is used to manage the Core Problem records for the PET system, these Core Problems are assigned by the Course Director in each Course Section and are part of the Course Rollover function.

A given Core Problem can be linked to one or more Programs. In order for you use use Core Problem records in a given program you must link the records to that Program.

(1) Add New Core Problem

This screen is used to create or modify Core Problem records. If no Program has been assigned to this Core Problem then you will be asked to assign a Program, although this is optional.

NOTE: You must be very careful about modifying existing records. If you change the meaning of a record you will invalidate all of the linkages created with that record.

  • Available Programs: Click the Program/s in the left column to move them to the Selected Programs column
  • Click the box to Save and Close the window

(2) General G&O List

  • Available G&O: Click the Goals and Objectives that you want to be identified with this Clinical Presentation.
  • Click the box to Save and Close the window

NOTE: Hovering over the Available G&O will display a more detailed explanation.

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