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Import Event Types

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Use this option to batch upload Event Types, next you will review the report and verify data and finally import the data into Leo.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > Data Entry > Data Import > Event Types

Below is a sample template for Event Types CSV file for download.

TIP: When copying content into the .cvs template use Ctrl+Alt+V to remove any formatting from the source file.

Upload CSV

  • Select a File: Browse for the CSV file.
  • Save File

TIP: Leo automatically scans all uploading files for viruses.

Click Close to continue.

Preview and Validate

This screen shows you the preview of the Event Types you are about to import. At this point, nothing has been imported in to the Leo database.  Review the items to be sure that they are correct.

  • Click here to import the event Types into Leo: This option will take the data and import it into the Leo database.


NOTE: If you are importing an item with the same name as an existing Event Type, the settings in the new version will over-write the settings of the existing record.

The new screen that opens will be the All Learning Event Types.

This report shows all active Event Types along with a count of how many times that Event Type has been used anywhere in the curriculum. This report includes both standard Events and Long Event events.


NOTE: For more information on managing Event Types refer to the article Events: Event Types

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