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This option lets you select a 4GL screen to edit.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > System Administration > MyUIAdmin > Edit A Screen

You can search for existing screens based on the name of the screen, and the names of fields within the screen.

  • Double click to display a list of screens.
  • Click Edit Screen

(2) Add New Screen

This document discusses options for creating fields in the 4GL

Field (Other)

  • nohtml=1 - index.php will NOT generate any HTML content
  • Note that any $value in for format "xxx : yyy" will be parsed to  just "xxx" by the in-line parsers. This so you can pass both an ID and a  description and have the system automatically retrieve JUST the ID
  • If you are selecting for a list, you can retrieve two values or  just one value per item. If you retrieve two values, the first value  will be what is displayed and the 2nd value will be used to update/match  against the current record
  • Item List Link. This field lets you define a report that will always be run when your screen is invoked. An example line is:
  1. Report_rpt=InputDef&Report_cName=$cName&KeyVal=$cName
  2. where Report_rpt defines the report to run, Report_cName defines the cName for the report, and any other fields are optional
  • Alt Select
  1. You can use this field to specify a custom SQL query for the WHERE clause of the select statement. Do not include the actual WHERE keyword.
  1. This identifies an include file that can be used to house additional  logic when performing an update. The include segment will be executed Before the actual save logic. Your routine must return true or false. If false, then the update will be halted.
  • Custom Update Identifier
  1. If your include code is used by more than one routine, you will need to  be able to tell the routine what logic to use. The Custom Update  Identifier will set the variable $CustomUpdateIdentifier that you can use to determine how to process the request.
  • Post Update Include
  1. This is used to define a post update include file that will be used to provide additional processing after the standard update processing. It is only accessed when you specify SAVE_[screen name] as the pre_option.
  2. There are two formats for this option:
    1. include a file and call a function: [include file name] [option]
    2. Call a function in a class: "CLASS" [class name] [function name]
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