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Faculty Event Discipline

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The Faculty Event Discipline report lets you manage the Faculty Discipline definitions, which are used to track the Discipline that an Instructor is representing or teaching about in an Event.

Disciplines are defined per Program, but are not shared between Programs. If you need the same Discipline in a different Program, you will need to create that Discipline in that Program.

You can create an unlimited number of Disciplines, but each name must be unique (Leo will enforce this rule).

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > Faculty Management > Faculty Event Discipline > Select Program > Select Academic Year

  1. Discipline: Click to Edit this Faculty Discipline
  2. Event Count: This is a count of the number of times this Discipline has been assigned to an Event.
  3. Add: Click to create a new Faculty Discipline
  4. Deleted: Click to review deleted Disciplines
Edit Faculty Discipline Record

Use this screen edit/modify a Discipline for a given Program.

Add New
  • Discipline (*): Enter a name for this Discipline
  • Description: Is optional
  • Save Record

Note: You should be careful about renaming a Discipline after it has already been in use, as it will make the current data inaccurate.

Event Count

This report will show the Instructors tagged with a given Discipline in a given Academic Year.

  • Event: Click to view the Event
  • Course: Click to view the Course
  • Summary Report: Click to return to the Faculty Discipline Management Report


NOTE: That the number of entries in this report can be greater than the count in the Summary Report. This is due to the fact that more than one Instructor in an Event may be assigned the same Discipline.

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