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Attendance Settings

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Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > Account Manager > Modules [expand] > Attendance Settings [expand] > PROGRAM Attendance Settings [expand]

  • Missing Reminder: Send a daily reminder to all course admins if there are any events missing attendance.
  • Attendance Missing Days: Default is 15 days. The number of days to back from the current date for the attendance missing report.
  • Include non-mandatory events: If selected, non-mandatory events will be included in the reminder. Default is to include only mandatory events.
  • Include partial attendance: The default is to only include events where there is no recorded attendance.
  • New Request Notification: Send an email reminder to admins every time a new absence request is entered.
  • Auto Absence Update: Automatically flag a non-attendee of a mandatory event as unexcused at least 6 hours after the event has occurred. 
  • Enable attendance recording X minutes before start of Event: Number of minutes before an event has started that the user can record their attendance. Default is 10 minutes.
  • Disable attendance recording X minutes after the start of Event: Number of minutes after an event has started that the user can record their attendance. Default is 15 minutes.

NOTICE: Should your Administrators wish to receive an email every time a Student in the specified Program sends in an Absence Request for an Event, you will want to enable this option. In addition, by selecting the New Request Notification option, it will not only alert the Administrators for the Attendance System but also the Course Director/Coordinator and Event Admin for the applicable course.

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