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System Areas

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Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > System Administration > MyUIAdmin > System Areas

(1) New Area
  • Area Name: Type in the name
  • Parent Area: Click the chevron and select from the list
  • Save
(2) Trouble Tickets

The Trouble Ticket System is a way for Users of Leo to report minor problems to Leo Programmers.  

The types of problems that you should report on a trouble ticket are: <ul> <li> <strong>Bugs</strong><br />    

If something is just not working correctly then report it here.  

  • Examples would be the wrong header on a report, the wrong date being  displayed.</li>     <li><strong>Error Messages</strong><br />    
  • If the system is generating <font color="red">RED</font>  error messages, then submit a trouble ticket.</li>     <li><strong>Formatting</strong><br />    
  • If a report or screen just does not look right, then let us  know.</li>     <li><strong>Feature requests</strong></li> </ul>
  • When creating a trouble ticket, the best thing you can do to ensure that  we are able to assess the problem is to <strong>copy and paste  the URL</strong> for the page that contains the error message into  your trouble ticket.  
  • This will let us examine exactly how the problem  is occurring.<br />
  • You can also assign a ranking from 0 (least important) to 100 (most urgent) to indicate the relative urgency of the problem you encounter.

New Ticket

This function is used to submit and track problems with the CMS. Any problems found with the system should be submitted via this mechanism to ensure that the programmers will be informed of the problem and act to solve it.

Brief Description: Enter a concise description that highlights the overall issue.

Rank: Give an overall ranking where 100 is highest and 1 is lowest. Use higher rankings if the function is critical or highly essential and lower rankings if the bug or feature is for a minor annoyance but you can continue working without.

Area: Select the area where your problem or feature request is most appropriate. You may leave the field blank if none of the areas seem appropriate.

Type: Select the most appropriate type of problem you have encountered.

Problem: Contains the description of the actual  problem. Be sure that your Description is appropriate and be sure to include details. Always include the following:

  • The name of the input screen, menu, or report where you encountered a problem
  • The name or ID of the item that caused the problem
  • The SQL for the problem (if it is available)
  • Your login name - this will help us determine if the problem is security related

Solution: For admins only, Describe some of the steps required to solve the problem.

Solved: For admins only, Select yes or no depending on whether the problem has been solved.

Solution Time: For admins only, Enter the amount of time, in minutes, that you spent solving the problem.

For admins only: If you solve a problem, please make sure that you are  listed as a Solver using the link at the bottom of the screen. If you  are entering a Trouble Ticket that you have also solved, you will need  to save the Trouble Ticket first and reopen to see the link.



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