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Rosters Overview

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These features are used to Import Data from your Registrar's Office into Leo. Because this feature can be customized to your institution's Registrar's data we highly recommend that you contact our Help Desk for assistance.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > Rosters

  • Rosters to Process: This report shows the number of rosters that are waiting to be processed.
  • Roster Summary: This report shows the count of courses that were last processed by the roster system sorted by the last date of activity for the Course and the number of Courses that were processed on that date.
  • Clinical Rotations: This function will compare the current clinical rotation schedule for Students against the official Registrar Office records.
  • Reg Listing: This report lists all Courses that are linked to the Registrar's feed.
  • Registrar Drops by Date: The report list Registrar drops by date.
  • Roster Admin: This report is used by System Administrators to internally troubleshoot issues caused by discrepancies between Registrar feeds and  records in system.
  • Roster Programs: Lists the Registrar Program name as well as the Leo Program name and the date it was created.
  • Rebuild Groups: This report shows the active years in your system.
  • Reg Office Year: A report displays a list of all terms that have been defined by the Registrar's Office.  
  • Download Last Roster: This feature downloads the most recently processed roster file. 
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