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This report lets you manage the options for an Input Screen. Options will appear above the title bar. This report will allow you to create, modify, and delete options for the screen.

  • Most options are links to related reports and screen, or tools that perform a specific task (such as the Evaluation Rebuild options on Evaluation Link screens)


Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > System Administration > MyUIAdmin > Screen Options

  • Click the chevron to select the screen you want to edit.
  • Click Options for Selected Screen

New Option

Input Options allow the you to create options (links) that will be displayed at the bottom of an input (edit) screen.  These options have access to all of the $VALUE data that other statements within the screen have access to.

Other Options

  • Open in New Window - the selected option will open in a new, limited browser window
  • Record ID Required - If the record being displayed is NEW, then choosing YES on this field will disable the selected option. Useful if the option needs the record in question to already be committed to the DB.


Link CGI option(s)

  • onClose=xxx, where xxx are javascript onClick directives for any link  named 'Close Window'. Overrides the default or defined onClick settings.
  • You can use a PHP method to create link name and URI by using the  standard +CLASS method calling method in place of a link. This will also  return a complete HTML string that will be the option, and the HTML  will replace the standard link/name. NOTE: Be sure that your css for the HTML matches the option link standard.

Screen Fields

List of Input Fields:

  • This listing shows all of the fields for the current screen.  
  • Clicking on an item in the list will allow you to edit that field.
  • To create a new field, select the Add Line option.
  • To update the master parameters, select Master Record option.
  • To review fields that have been deleted, select the Deleted option.  You will also be able to undelete items this way.
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