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Document Distribution

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This feature allows you to define and connect to a remote document repository.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > System Administration > Document Distribution

Add New DD

This screen defines how to connect to a remote document repository. Not all fields are required, depending on the protocol chosen. Transfers can be run manually or automatically. Your Sysadmin is responsible for setting up the automatic transfers.

  • Name (*): The name for each distribution must be unique.
  • Description: Optional
  • Protocol (*): Select the transfer protocol from the list.
  • Target Host: URl or IP address
  • Path: Base target path
  • Remote User: Remote Users name
  • Password: Remote password
  • Module (*): Defines which export Module will be used to execute the transfer.
  • Save Record

The Clear Log option will clear all entries in the Document Distribution Log.

List All Settings
  1. Create New Settings (Add New DD)
  2. Edit current Document Distribution Settings

Edit Document Distribution Settings

Document Distribution Settings Menu

  • Transfer Log: Report shows the Log Entry and Timestamp
  • Error Log: Report shows the Log Entry and Timestamp
  • Exception Report: Report shows the Source and File names that were NOT exported
  • Exclusion Report: Report shows All Files that were excluded from being exported
  • Auto-Created Files: Displays Auto-Created Files
  • Clear Log: See warning above
List Course Settings
  • Select Program
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