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Export Courses

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This utility will let you export the Courses for a given Academic Year and School year.

You can adjust the following fields:

  • Academic Year - (optional) - If you select a different Academic Year that year will be used in the export.
  • Days - (optional) - You can enter the number of days by which the begin and end date of each Course will be adjusted.

The adjustment options can be used to create a set of data for a new Academic Year from the Course data from a previous year (or different year).

NOTE: If you specify offset days, then no cross reference data will be exported, as you are essentially creating New Courses.

  • Program: (*) Select from list
  • Academic Year: (*) Select from list
  • School Year: (*) Select from list
  • Adjust by days: Enter the number of days to adjust the existing dates by.  Example: add 365 days to current date.
  • New Academic Year: Select from list
  • Export
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