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Location Management: Locker Location

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This report is used to manage the Locations where lockers are located. The report also will generate a list of Locations where no lockers are listed. Once a Location has been assigned you can create lockers entries for that specific Location.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > Location Management > Locker Location

  1. Locations without Lockers:  Lists all Locations without lockers
  2. Search for and Add Location:  Add a Location that now has lockers.
  3. Search for Location: Begin typing the name of the Location
(1) Locations without Lockers
  1. Location: Select the Location (Room) without Lockers that you want to now add lockers to.
  2. Add Lockers: Click the link
  3. Enter the number of new lockers that will be added to this location
  4. OK: This will create Temporary Locker #

Temporary Locker Numbers

Locker#: Click on the Locker# to edit the field.

  • Locker #: Replace temp number with the actual locker number.
  • Combination: Optional
  • Location: Room should be indicated already
  • Shared: Change default to Yes = Assign Locker.
  • Description: Optional
  • Deleted: Yes/No toggle


NOTE: The Shared status must be changed to YES in order to Assign Locker to a User.

Assign Locker Manually to User

  • Locker#: Replace the temp locker number with the actual locker number.
  • Combination: Type in the combination if applicable
  • Location: Required (*)
  • Shared: Should be YES in order to assign a locker
  • Description: Optional

Select the User in the Unassigned Students Column and move them to the Assigned Students

Import Lockers

  • Select ID Type: Use the chevron to select the ID Type
  • Select Delimiter: Comma, Tab or Spaces
  • List the Lockers: (Fields in order are: Locker#, Combination, StudentID
  • Select ID Type: There is a variety of options to use for ID Type
  • Select Delimiter: Comma, Tab, or Space
  • Locker Fields should be listed in the order described
(2) Search for and Add Location
  • Location: Search for the Location (Room)
  • Add Lockers or Import Lockers or Search for Location
(3) Search for Locations

Begin typing the name of the Location

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