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PET Administration: Reports

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The reports in this section are very general reports, which will show you the general status of the data within the PET Systems.

These reports are intended for the PET Administrators and/or data individuals looking for lots of raw data. These reports can be sorted by Student, Clerkships, Duty Hours, Duty Hour Violations, and by Orphaned Records.

The reports in this section are not intended for end users, such as Clerkship Directors. There are specialized reports (for them) for reviewing PET data.

Path: Admin Toolbar> Advanced > PET Administration > Reports

  • By Student: This report will provide you with a summary report by Student for a given year. The report provides links to detail listings for each Student.
  • By Clerkship: This report will provide you with a list Clerkships.
  • Diagnoses by Year: This report shows a summary listing of Diagnoses based on the Academic Year.
  • Procedures by Year: This report shows a summary count, by Procedure, of tagged Events for a given Academic Year.
  • All Clerkships: This is a PET Data Log listing of all entries for PET for a  given year and it provides you with a complete data set for one year that you can download.
  • All Duty Hours: This reports lists all Duty Hours for all Courses for all Years for all Students.
  • Duty Hour Violations: This report is a list of Course Rotations showing the number of violations for Duty Hours.
  • Orphaned Records: This report is a summary of the Orphaned PET records in Leo.
  • Student Totals: This screen will generate a CSV report with a list of Students on the Y axis and counts for their PET Procedures and Diagnoses across the X axis. 
  • Export PET Entries: This screen will allow you to generate an Excel export or a SQL query for all PET log entries in your database.
  • PET Master Report: This report is the PET Data Log for all entries with all possible fields.
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