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FCT: Bad Time Check

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This screen lets you define what Academic Year to review, and what the maximum valid time should be. The max time option will tell the report to select any Event with a time (in hours) greater than the time you select.

This report will let you scan an Academic Year for bad times, where a bad time equals:

  • Any Event with zero time
  • Any Event with more than the max time that you select

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > FCT Admin > Bad Time Check

NOTE: You should run the Rebuild FinTime utility before running this report.

Select the:

  • Academic Year: Select Year from drop down.
  • Max Time: The maximum time any Event should have (1 to 24 hours)
  • Run Report

This report shows all events for a given year with:

  • A real time duration of zero hours and no minutes
  • A real time duration greater than or equal to the max time you have selected, in this example 3 hours was selected.

The duration is based on real time and not on financial time.

NOTE: Financial time can have rounding rules that make it hard to spot events with no real duration.

TIP: Clicking the links will take you to the Course or Event Info Screens.

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