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Export User Roster

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This screen is used to select the parameters for running a Roster Export from Leo.

This report may be highly customized for certain systems. If your system does not have a custom version of this report then a generic version of the report will be created.

NOTE: Make sure that the items you select for the report belong to the same Program.

  • If you pick Program specific items with different Programs then no Users will be selected.
  • This report may work differently for different Program and different system, as custom code may be added for given Programs and/or systems.
  • School Year: Select from dropdown list
  • Academic Year: Select from dropdown list
  • User ID Type: Select from dropdown list
  • Begin Date: Type is date
  • End Date: Type in date
  • Run Report

This the User Roster Export report.

  • You can download the contents of this report using the "down" arrow in the upper right corner of the report screen.
  • This report is highly customized. If it does not fit your needs, please contact your System Administrator to request a version of the report that meets your needs.
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