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Search Administration consists of two main options:

  1. Maintenance of Excluded Words that will mot be indexed for searching
  2. Rebuilding of the Search Database

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > System Administration > Search Admin


This function will clear and rebuild the database that is used to generate search results for the Search Option of the home page.

Normally, there should be no need to run this process. However, if there are major changes to the search logic, or there has been a problem with the database, a rebuild may be required.

NOTE: This should not be done when there are major activities, such as exams, planned.

Rebuild Content
  1. Rebuild the Search Content Database From existing processed documents
  2. Run a Complete Rebuild from the source documents and web sites
  3. Run a Complete Search Rebuild of Course documents and web sites
  4. Run a Complete Search Rebuild of Event documents and web sites
Content Exception Report

The Search Option uses a special text file created by reading and converting the documents that you upload. Sometimes this conversion fails, in which case there is no text for Leo to use in the Search Option.

This report shows all content records that do not have a corresponding text record. If the item in question is a document, you can download that document and check that it functioning correctly. Ideally, converting the document to PDF and uploading that PDF should solve most conversion issues.

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