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PET Reports: Orphaned Records

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This report is a summary of the orphaned PET records in the system, which highlights the current non-existent courses. This can include a PET deleted course or the removal of a Course Master not inactive courses.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > PET Administration > Reports > Orphaned Records

This report is a summary of the Orphaned PET records in Leo.

  • Records that are still connected to an active Course Template can be migrated to the Student's current enrolled rotation in that Course Template.
  • Click on a Course to open the Course.  However, it is important to understand this will not work if the Course name is No Course.



Auto-Merge is another option on top of the report screen.

  • This option will merge all Orphaned PET and Duty Hour records, which can be linked back to a Course Template and where there is a Rotation where the Student is enrolled.
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