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This Faculty Contribution Tracking (FCT) Report shows all of the defined FCT Reports for a given year.  FCT Reports allow you to view detailed data from your system, including data on Faculty hours, Departments, Courses, Events, Event Types, etc.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > FCT Admin > FCT Report > [Select Year]

When this FCT Report is first opened it will display the following:  

  1. Name: Listing of FCT Reports that you have created.
  2. Add Report: Use this link to create a New FCT Report.
  3. Admin Mode: View reports that have been created by others for the selected Year.
New FCT Report

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have filled out this form correctly the first time. 

  • You will not be able to edit the settings once the report is created. 
  • If you decide you need to change the settings after you have already created/saved the report, you will have to create a new report all over again.
  • Reports can be deleted once created.

There are two flags that must be set to include lab fees:

  1.  Lock down Lab Fees: YES = Includes lab fees.  NOTE: Labs flagged as off-site will not be included in the financial report.
  2. Include Research:  You must select YES in order to get the Student Mentors included in this data.

NOTE:  Once a report is set up it cannot be modified. This is to ensure that historical data for the report can be accurately compared to newer versions of the report.

FCT report

FCT Report Options

Since this is a new FCT Report, use the 3rd option: Run Report

FCT options

After you have clicked the Run Report, you will see the FCT Summary Report screen (Use the link to jump to that header)

FCT Reports: Capture, Finalize or Run Reports

Select the Name of the Report you would like to open.

This screen shows you the custom settings for the FCT Report you selected and allows you to:

  1. Capture Data: Click to capture all data prior to running the report.
    1. New capture versions will be created each time the Capture Data link is clicked.
    2. If the data in the report is edited between captures, clicking the Capture Data will include those edits.
  2. Finalize Data: If this link is clicked, no new versions can be created from this report, it will finalize all data.
  3. Run Report: Generate a summary report based on the captured data

NOTE: The fields Data as of and Version # will indicate the last capture date and time as well as the number of times it has been captured.

NOTE: You cannot change the basic settings of this report. If you need to change settings then you will need to create a new report.

(1) Capture Data

  • Click the here link to continue.


(2) Finalize Data

This option marks all current records in this report as the finalized version.

NOTE: If you are not wanting to finalize data, then go on to (3) Run Report.

(3) Run Report

  • To view the data that has been captured, click Run Report.
FCT Summary Report Menu

You can view/sort the data in different ways by using the links provided at the top of this screen:

  • Def: Define data to be collected by clicking Capture Data or Run Report.
  • Event: Summary Report by Events
  • Type: Summaries the data according Event Types
  • Div: Sorts the data according to Academic Divisions (not all schools use divisions; see your administrator for more info.).
  • Dept: Sorts the data by Department.
  • Crs: Sorts the data by Course.
  • Indv: Sorts the data by individual Faculty members.
  • Yr: Sorts the data by Program Years (if initial report only included one program year, only that year will be available).
  • Total: Shows you Grand Total numbers for the captured data (includes contact hours, prep hours, total hours, and dollar/unit amount).
  • Active: Shows department links based on active Courses.
  • N/G: Sorts by records omitted due to no grades or missing grades.
  • Deleted: Sorts by deleted events.
  • FCT: Summarizes the data to only display Faculty that have contributed to the FCT model.
  • Non-FCT: Isolates the data to only display Faculty that have been flagged as not contributing to the FCT model.
  • FCT + Non-FCT: Summarizes data to include both FCT and Non-FCT Faculty Groups.
  • MinERVU: Shows items excluded for not meeting the Minimum Educational Relative Value Unit (ERVU).
  • Admi:- Shows percentage of Admin cost as compared to total costs.
  • Excel: Click this link to download the report to your computer in Excel format.
  • Rpts: Click this link to return to the list of FCT Reports.

NOTE: All reports are available for exporting/downloading in Excel format.

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