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Overview of the Account Manager: System Management

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Leo is designed to fit the needs of each institution by allowing customization via the Account Manager.

  • The Account Manager is where you turn on/off the different functions and features in Leo and is open to System Administrators and Super Users only.
  • The Account Manager is the institution's control panel.
  • While some items cannot be altered, there are many that give you the opportunity to "customize".

TIP: You might hear a Leo representative mention setting a "flag" in the control panel - this is how we often refer to the settings found in the Account Manager.

Account Manager/System Management Screen

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > Account Manager

  1. Use Leo Management  +/- signs to expand or collapse the two trees at the same time.
  2. Use the individual +/- signs to expand or collapse individual trees and folders.
Account Manager/System Management Screen

Search Keywords

  1. Use Control + F  (cmd + F on mac) to search for keywords
  2. The far right scroll bar indicates where the words are located from the search.
  3. The words are highlighted in yellow or orange throughout the screen.
Search Keywords

System Admin Options

For more detailed information, please refer to Leo Admin Options article


  • The articles that follow this overview will describe each of the options listed below in alphabetical order.
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