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Location Management: Locations

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A location can be any physical place that a learning event takes place. It does not have to be a building or a classroom, though the majority of locations are.

TIP: See the article on How to bulk upload locations to upload multiple locations.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > Location Management > Locations

This screen allows you to manage locations in your System. Should you need to find a location, you can use the search option. If you cannot find the location via the search option, you can use the List All Locations option to view every defined location in the system. If you are creating a new location, click on the New Location option.

(1) List All Locations

The location report lists all valid location in the system. From this report you can:

  1. Edit any location on the report
  2. Use the Merge option to merge duplicate locations
  3. Use the option to Add a New Location
  4. Use the Usage option to generate a location usage report for a given academic year.
  5. The Campus Exception report allows you to see any campus that does not have a valid campus record ID. You can edit and fix the records from the report.

Edit Locations

The following fields are required (*):

  • Location Name: The name of the new location. Make sure the name you select is unique.
  • Location Type: The type of location; for example lab, classroom, cafeteria, etc.  
  • Capacity: The maximum capacity of individuals the new location can handle.  A value other than 0 should be entered.  This value will also be used by the room scheduling feature.
  • Campus: The name of the campus where this location exists.

Click Save Location to save your selection.

NOTE: Location types must be created before locations can be added.  See Adding Location Types for this procedure.

  • Images of your location can be uploaded and viewed by visitors that are interested in the room.
  • Print QR Code: Print the QR Code for the room, this contains the URL that will display the upcoming schedule for the room. If the user has access rights, they can reserve the room via the link.


(2) New Location

NOTE: There is a unique constraint based on the name of the Location and the Campus. Each Campus can only have one Location with the same name. If you enter a duplicate Location for a Campus then Leo will warn you. You cannot save a record until the Name + Campus is unique.

The following fields are required (*):

  • Location Name
  • Location Type (Lab, Lecture Hall, Small Group, Large Group, etc.)
  • Capacity
  • Campus (This can be a virtual campus)

NOTE: If you want to display a Google Map of the exact location to display on the Details page of the Event screens, you can add address information in Address Line 1-3, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code. The more detailed information you add in these fields, the more accurate the map will be.

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