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Location Management: Subregions

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Subregions are non-standard geographical Regions, which are used to define alternate regions in a geographic location such as a Area, County, Country, State, or another Subregion.

This report will show you all of the active Subregion Types.

From this report you can:

  • Create new Subregion Types.
  • Manage existing Subregion Types.
  • Delete Subregion Types that are no longer used.
  • Manage the Subregions associated with a Subregion Type.


Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > Location Management > Subregions

The most common uses of Subregions in Leo is to analyze data about Students and Clinical Locations within the context of a Subregion.

Add Subregion

  • Parent (*): Begin typing in the parent region. In this example, it is a State in America.
  • Subregion (*): Create a name you will use.
  • Description: Optional
  • Save Record

Note: When you create aSsubregion, a SQL VIEW of that Region will be created so that you can treat the Subregion as distinct database table. If you rename the Subregion the old view will be removed and a new view, based on the changed name, will be created. No data will be destroyed.

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