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Exam Settings

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The Exam Settings in the Account Manager allow System Administrators and Super Users to customize certain settings related to Exams in your instance of Leo.

Path: Admin Toolbar  > Advanced > Account Manager > Modules [expand] > Exam Settings [expand]

Exam Settings

Use the following settings to customize Exam Settings features:

  • Stagger Exam Start: This option will enable the option to stagger Exam start times by up to 60 seconds to avoid system congestion.
  • Force connection test: If this option is checked, a connection test will be performed before saving Exam information.
    • WARNING: This can significantly add to system overhead and speed for Students.
  • Enable re-takes: This setting enables the option to allow retakes of an Exam.
    • In the Exam Access screen, the Enable Retakes field must be set to Yes in order for Students to be able to retake an Exam.  
    • For more information refer to the article on Exam Retake Option.
  • Enable Exam Portal Link: This setting enables the Exam Portal link located at the main Home/Calendar screen.
    • The Exam Portal allows quick access to Exams scheduled for the current day.
    • Accessing an Exam using the Exam Portal reduces system load especially when a large number of Students are taking the Exam at once.
  • Allow event instructors to be admins of Exams in their event:  If this feature is activated, the Instructors in an Event will be Administrators for Exams in their assigned Events.  
    • If not set, then Instructors will not be able to manage the Exam unless they are the Course Director or an Exam Administrator.
  • Show a Student's name when reviewing text responses in the Exam summary report: If checked, the name of the Student will appear next to the text responses in the Exam Summary Report.
Step 3: Click to expand Exam Settings

Exam Feedback

  • No ExamKey Print: If checked, this option will remove the print and .PDF options in the Exam Key.
  • No Exam Feedback print: If checked, this option will remove the print and .PDF options in the Exam Feedback screens.
  • Show Explanations on Exam Key: If checked, the question explanations will be shown on the Exam Key by default.

Exam Block Options

  • Enable Block Options: If checked, this setting will enable the Exam Block option. No other Block options will work if this option is not selected.
  • Block pool: If checked, this option allows the creation of question pools based on difficulty level for use in Exam Blocks.
  • Block pool max difficulty:  This sets the maximum difficulty level that can be assigned to Exam questions. Default is 10

Exam Import Options

  • BlackBoardManifest: This option activates Exam Import option for Blackboard Manifest Exams.
  • ExamSoftPDFImport: This option activates Exam Import option for Exam Soft PDF Import Exams.

Exam Settings for: Programs

  • Redirect to Exam Portal This Many Minutes before Exam Start Time: When a User logs into Leo, if they have an Exam starting, we redirect them to the Exam Portal automatically.
    • This setting allows you to adjust how many minutes before the Exam Start Time that the redirect is triggered. Select 1 to 20.
  • Exam Activity Days: Defines the number of days to display upcoming Exams. The default is one day. Select 1 to 6.

Exam Portal Auto-Redirect: If a Student logs into Leo within ten minutes of their Exam access start time (and up until ten minutes after the Exam access time begins) - they will be automatically redirected to the Exam Portal to begin work on the Exam. For Example, if a Student's Exam access opens at 9:40, the Student will be automatically taken to the Exam Portal if they login between 9:30 and 9:50.

This dramatically reduces the loading time for Leo during Exam periods, and helps simplify Exam access for Students. Students will see a message explaining that they have been redirected, and if they elect to continue to the Calendar without going to the Exam, they can do so with one click.

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