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Import Alternate IDs

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Use this option to batch upload Alternate IDs, next you will review the report and verify Alt ID Types and finally import them into Leo.

Below is a sample template for Alternate IDs as a CSV file for download.

Upload CSV

  • Select a File: Browse for the CSV file.
  • Save File

TIP: Leo automatically scans all uploading files for viruses.

Click Continue.

This report shows the data that you have uploaded to Leo, and at this point the data has not been imported/added to Leo. This report allows you to review and verify the data prior to the actual upload of data into Leo.

Click here to select an Alternative ID Type: There will be an option (link) in the upper left corner of this report. This option will take the data and import it into the Leo database.

NOTE:  It may also require more input from you, such as selecting a specific link or type of data.


  •   If you are importing Alternate IDs, you will have to select an Alternate ID Type

Select and Import Alt ID

  1. Select the Alternate ID Type: Select from the dropdown
  2. Enforce Unique Alt ID: Check box to enforce one (1) Alt ID per User rule
  3. Import IDs: This will now Import all data into Leo
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