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Account Manager: Content Quality Assurance

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The Quality Assurance feature is turned off/on by the Account Manager.

When enabled, any content uploaded by faculty becomes searchable by Course Directors and administrators in a single report available from the Course Screen.

When enabled, content uploaded by faculty must be marked as “Approved” by the Course Director or administrator before it becomes visible to students.

This feature includes options for:

  • Tagging content that has technical issues and flagging them for further review.
  • Granting access to content that was uploaded before the account manager setting was enabled.
  • Hides all unapproved content from students.

Account Manager Settings

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced  > Account Manager > Modules > Content [expand] >  Program QA Settings [expand]

  • Settings can be toggled off and on to enable the Q&A content module or to hide the unapproved content from students.
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