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PET Ethnicity, Gender or Sex

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The process for adding an Ethnicity, Gender or Sex to Leo is the same. For the purpose of this explanation, we are using Ethnicity as an example.

Also note that:

  • Leo does not come preloaded with an Ethnicity list.
  • Leo does have a preloaded list of 52 Genders.
  • Leo does comes preloaded with the male and female Sex.

If this option is enabled in the Account Manager, then Students will be able to associate an Ethnicity with the patient in a PET form.

To enable this data to be tracked, please refer to the following article Account Manager: PET > PET Data Fields

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > PET Administration > Ethnicity/Gender/Sex > Add

  • Ethnicity Required (*): Name the ethnicity
  • Save Record
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