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FCT: Course Types

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Each Course must have a Course Type associated with it. Course Types determine whether the Course is clinical or not, and it determines if Patient Encounter Tracking (PET) will be available for the course.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > FCT Admin > Course Types > Select Year

For detailed information on Course Types, please refer to Courses: Course Types in Course Management

Course Type Maintenance Screen

After selecting a Program Year, a list of existing Course Types will be displayed:

  1. Name (Edit): Click the Name to edit the Course Type
  2. Courses:  Click the number to view which Courses have been assigned to this Course Type

FCT Features

  • Name: (*) The only required field in this screen is the Name field. We recommend you choose a unique name for your new Course Type.
  • Description: (Optional)
  • FCT Code: Select from drop down menu
  • FCT Type: Classroom, Clerkship or Elective
  • Destructive Rebuild:Yes/No toggle NOTE: This applies only to Student Groups
  • Ignore Didactics in FCT: Yes/No toggle:
  • Clinical: Yes/No toggle
  • PET Flag: Yes/No toggle
  • Save Record
  • Deleted: Yes/No toggle
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