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Location Management: Campuses

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This screen is used to manage the campuses used at your institution. The definition of what a constitutes a Campus is rather broad. It could be:

  • The actual campus in which your buildings are located.
  • The clinical settings where Clerkship and Sub-I courses take place.
  • Regional settings where classes are held.
  • Areas or large buildings within your official campus.

Each Course Rotation/Section can be assigned one campus.

In the case of Courses with multiple rotations the groups will be adjusted to indicate the campus. The assignment of a campus to a Course is optional.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > Location Management > Campuses

Campus Listing
  • Search: Click to search for a Campus
  • Add Campus: Click to Add Campus
  • Exception Report: This report will show all Sections without an assigned Campus.
  • Deleted: Click to view a list of all deleted campuses.

(2) Column Headers

  • Abbr: Campus abbreviation code
  • Campus: Click here to edit the campus record
  • Subregion: Optional
  • Time Zone (*):
  • Buildings: View the list of buildings associated with this Campus
  • Locations: Click here to manage the locations linked to this Campus
  • Merge: Merge Campuses together. NOTE: This cannot be undone.
  • Delete: This will check if there are any records linked to the Campus and delete the campus only if no records are found.
Add Campus

The campus record is usually used to define an actual school campus where classes take place. It can also be used to define general locations such as a hospital or city.

On 2016-06-28 Time Zone was added as a new, required field for the campus record. The time zone option allows Leo to adjust the calendar to show Users Events in their own time or to check for conflicts at other campuses in different time zones.

The Time Zone option is optional and your system administrator must turn it on in order for it to be available. Please refer to Account Manager: Modules: Calendar

Fill out the required fields (*)

  • Abbreviation: Enter an abbreviation, Limit in 5 characters max
  • Name: Enter in the name for the Campus Record.
  • Time Zone: Select Time Zone
  • (Other fields are optional but helpful)
  • Save Campus Record.

The time zone option allows the system to adjust the calendar to show users events in their own time or to check for conflicts at other campuses in different time zones.

Clicking the Buildings link on the top of the Edit Campus Record to review the Buildings in your system.


This list lets you review the list of buildings assigned to a Campus and it lets you add any unassigned buildings to the current List.

  • You can only add unassigned buildings with this tool.
  • To move a building from one campus to another you will have to use the building management option.

For more information on Buildings, please refer to Location Management: Buildings

Exception Report

This report will show you all active Course Sections that are not linked to a valid Campus. These records may also have no Campus assigned, or the Campus that was assigned was deleted.

No Valid Campus

This is a listing of all Courses without a valid Campus.

  1. To assign a Campus, click the link.
  2. To edit any Course/Section in this report, click on the Courses name to edit the settings..

Assign Campus

This screen will allow you select a Campus to be assigned to all Course Sections in Leo that are missing a Campus.

NOTE: This can include Sections that were never assigned a Campus, or Sections that were assigned a Campus that has since been deleted. Normally, the system will not allow a Section to be created without a Campus, and a campus assigned to valid Sections cannot be deleted.  However, custom import routines or other issues can possibly cause this situation.

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