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This report shows a list of the users who have logged within the last 3 hours. A user will only be shown once in this report, but there is a list of their logon times, so that you can see how many times they have logged in within the 3 hour time period.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > System Administration > Logons

1. All Logons: This report shows all users who are logged on, or were logged on within the last several hours.

  • Items are purged  off of this list if there is no activity every several hours.
  • The list is sorted alphabetically by last name.

2. History: Review the Stats Report.

3. Daily Downloads: This is a detailed report of the content that has been downloaded from the system by Users for a given date.

  • You can select other dates with the Filter.
  • You can view data in a Graph.
  • You can also view RSS Activity summary report.
  • NOTE: This file also shows the size of the file so you can determine the amount of content (in bytes) being downloaded.

4. User Name: Click on User Name to see individual Stats

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