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This option lets you search for a BuildList to edit. The search will look at:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Unselected SQL
  • Unselected Plus SQL
  • Selected SQL

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > System Administration > MyUIAdmin > Edit BuildList

  • Begin typing or double click to select from a list.
  • Edit Selected BuildList

he BuildList function allows you to present the User with two lists of items. One is a list of SELECTED  items. The other list, known as the MASTER list, is a list of all items  that have not been selected. The user is then able to click on items in either list and move them to the other list. Updates occur after each click, or the user can use checkboxes to select multiple items to transfer.

You must present four sets of SQL statements:

  1. The Master Select.
  1. This tells the system how to select the master list. Your select list must return a record ID and a Name/Description
  1. The Selected List.
  1. This SQL statement tells the system how to generate a list of selected items. Your select list must return a record ID and a Name/Description
  1. Add-To-List.
  1. This update statement tells the system how to add an item to the selected list (and thus remove it from the Master List)
  1. Delete-From-List.
  1. This update statement tells the system how to remove an item from the Selected List and place it back into the Master list
  2. Note on variables. '${body}#39; variables are automatically wrapped in  quotes if empty, but '^' variables are not wrapped in quotes. Note that  you can also substitute any SQL statement with INCLUDE xxx.inc  where xxx.inc is the name of a file with PHP code that you will  generate an SQL statement. This can be handy when you have complex logic  that cannot be handled by simple variable replacement. When generating  your Add and Delete statements, the ID of the item in the master list is  referred to by $MasterID and the ID of the item in the selected list is referred by $SelectID Other points of interest:
  1. The Master List Title and the Selected List Title are optional  fields that let you define the headers for master list of items and the  selected list of items. It is recommended that you use these fields,  but it is not required.

Setting up the Add by Search option

The Add by Search option will let users use an ajax search screen to find unselected elements. A link labeled Add by Search  will be displayed above the title bar. The SQL for an add by search can  be a straight SQL statement or a call to an class method with an  optional SQL fragment.

Standard SQL:

If you use a custom SQL statement, you will need to use '!words' as a  placeholder for the text entered by the user, and you must return the  standard ID, Name, Description(optional):

SELECT user.ID, getUserName(user.ID, 'L'), user.cAffiliation

FROM dcUser AS user


 user.cLname LIKE '!words'

Call to Method:

+USERUTIL userSearch |

LEFT JOIN dcGrader AS grader ON


 AND grader.iLinkID='$iLinkID'

 AND grader.cLinkTable='$cLinkTable'

 AND grader.bDeleted=FALSE

New BuildList

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