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Instructor Assignment Report

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Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > Faculty Management > Instructor Assignment Report > Select Program > Select Academic Year

Specify Date Range for Report

  1. Begin Date and End Date: Select from pop-up calendar
  2. Select All Instructors (with/Without Dept) or select specific Instructors
  3. Run Report

Report Grouped by Instructor

This report will display data grouped by Instructor, that will return the following columns:

  •   Date of event
  •   Start Time to End Time
  •   Rooms used (all for linked event set)
  •   Event Name
  •   Student Groups (all for linked event set)
  •   Event Type
  •   Faculty - Event Role (all for linked event set)
  •   Course Name
  •   Hours

Detail Faculty Activity Report

The report will be available in PDF format to download (download arrow above).

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