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PET Reports: Export PET Entries

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Get all your PET log entries, either as a Spreadsheet export, or the SQL query you can use in your ODBC connection. Use the form below to filter the resulting export/query.

Path: Admin Toolbar> Advanced > PET Administration > Reports > Export PET Entries

If you are looking for specific Program, Encounter Types, Supervisors, and Student Roles pulled in the PET Log Entries follow these steps:

  • Select the desired Program (*) required
  • Encounter Types: Inpatient, Outpatient, Simulation and Standardized Patient
  • Supervisors: Attending, Fellow, Intern, No One, PA and Resident
  • Student Roles: Assisted, Observed, Passive and Performed
  1. Click Download Spreed Sheet
  2. Click Generate SQL
  3. Click Reset Filters

NOTE: If you do not want to filter, just click the appropriate button at the bottom of the form, but setting no filters may result in an export which takes a while to complete.

The filter options will attempt to determine if there are active Users for the given filter options. However, records may exist where no Procedures or Diagnoses were entered and it is possible that your data set will be empty.

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