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FCT Admin Reports: Manual Adjustment

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > FCT Admin > FCT Admin Reports > Manual Adjustment > [Select Year]

A Manual Adjustment allows you to specify additional monies that need to be reflected in the FCT report.

This report will show all of the active manual records for a given academic year.

From this screen you can:

  • Create new records
  • Edit existing records
  • Delete existing  records
  • Review deleted records

This option lets you create manual adjustments in a given Academic Year. The data entered here will be used much like the teaching hours assigned in an Event.

  • Department: (*) Select from drop-down menu
  • Course: (*) Select from drop-down menu
  • Year: (*) Select from drop-down menu
  • Faculty: (*) Select from drop-down menu
  • Amount: Input amount
  • Comment: Add a comment
  • Save Record