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This article explains how to batch upload your Courses Templates and/or Course Sections/Rotations, you will review the report, verify the Courses CSV, and finally import the data into Leo.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > Data Entry > Data Import > Course

Please review the required and optional settings very carefully when completing your data files. Below is a sample template for the Course CSV file for download.

This template contains sample data to give you an idea of what to include in the file. Please remove the sample data before you enter your data, and save the file.

TIP: When copying content into the .cvs template use Ctrl+Alt+V to remove any formatting from the source file.

Upload CSV
  • Select a File: Browse for the CSV file.
  • Save File

TIP: Leo automatically scans all uploading files for viruses. Click Close to continue.

Preview and Validate

At this point, the data has not been imported/added to Leo.

This report shows the data that you have selected to upload to Leo. Use this report to review and verify the data before the actual upload of data into Leo.

Import Courses

Click here to validate and import the Courses into Leo: This option will take the data and import it into the Leo database.

After the data has been imported into Leo, you will see a report that will list all Courses that have been created within the selected date range.

You can click on the Course name to open the Course screen for the selected Course or click Options to review list by:

  • Course Search: The search course option lets you search for a course by the course name. If you cannot find what you want, try the 'View All Courses' option which will show you all course for a selected school year. Finally, if you cannot find a section of the course you are searching for, you can create a new section
  • Select New Date Range: This option will generate a list of all courses created for the specified date range.
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