Schedule an Evaluation

Once you have created your Evaluation, you can schedule it to be completed by Faculty or Students.

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Assessment > Evaluations 

Select Evaluation Type

In this example, we are selecting Students Evaluating Students.

Add Evaluation

New Evaluation Record

This Evaluation Type is for Students evaluating Students which is based on their membership in a Small Group.

The following fields are required (*)

  1. Evaluation: Begin typing or double-click the box to display a menu of options to choose from. 
  2. Small Group Set: Use the drop-down arrow
  3. Date Range: Use the calendar to set the date range


De-Identify: If you want Users de-identified, set to YES.

Save Link

NOTE: The form fields will be different based on the Type of Evaluation that is selected.

For example: If the Evaluation is linked to an Event or Long Event, then no activity date range is required, and the date fields will be hidden.  

The Evaluation Title is optional. However, for consistency and to make it easier to find and use/re-use Evaluations, we strongly recommend that you establish a naming convention for your Evaluations.

You can decide what works best for your institution and share this information internally with everyone who is in charge of creating and setting up Evaluations. This will go a long way in avoiding confusion when there are several Evaluations that are being used across the institution.  And it will also help to fix any errors in scheduling / notification when you know which exact Evaluation is being referenced.

De-Identify: The determination whether or not you can de-identify Evaluations is made at the Account Manager level. This determination is often made by the Super Users at the Program level.

In other words, if the setting to allow Evaluations to be de-identified at the Account Manager level has been enabled, only then will you (as the Administrator/Course Director) be able to select the check box here to de-identify the responses in the Evaluation that you are now setting up.

If this option is not available please contact your Super User/Administrator in charge of these decisions/settings at the Program/Account Manager level at your institution. For more information refer to Account Manager: Modules: Evaluation Settings

Customize Email reminders (optional)

This list lets you specify a custom set of dates on which reminders for this evaluation will be sent. The list of dates is based on the dates of availability for this Evaluation.

  • Set Email Schedule: To choose the dates when the email reminder will be sent,
  • Email Test: If you are unsure, you can send a test email to yourself.
  • Send Reminder: To send an email reminder to your evaluators immediately.

NOTE: As long as there are selected dates in this option the standard initial and reminder schedule is not in effect for the current Evaluation link. If you remove all of the dates, the System will  once again use the standard schedule to send out reminders.

Rebuild (optional)

Evaluations are picked up by the System during a nightly Rebuild action.  This Rebuild looks for Evaluations that should be active and then activates the Reminders for the Evaluation

Rebuild: Manually rebuild (refresh) the Evaluation to your assigned Groups.

  • This will automatically look for the start times on this Evaluation and push out reminders to the Evaluators.
  • Users will see the Evaluation reminder the next time they log in or refresh their main calendar screen.
Setting Evaluations of specific individuals and/or Event Types
  • You can set an Evaluation to apply to certain Event Types or to certain Users only.
  • This is an option currently available to the following Types of Evaluations ONLY: Students Evaluating Faculty

Select the Event Type(s) and/or User(s) you would like to be evaluated

The available options for Event Type and/or Users will depend on the Date Range you've set for the Evaluation period (the Events that will be Evaluated).

For example, if the date range you've selected has only two Event Types occurring, only those two Event Types will be displayed for selection. If this list is empty, then there are no Events available within your date range, or you have not selected any Events. 

Choose what type of event you would like the Users to Evaluate.

  • Each Event Type will have a number in parenthesis behind its name, indicating how many Events of that type exist in the Course during your specified date range.
  • This serves as a filter so you can only view the list of instructors for a specific Event Type.

Select the specific users you would like to be evaluated.

  • Each Faculty/Student in the list will have a (number) behind his/her name, indicating how many Events they are teaching in this Course (or Event type, if selected)
Re-Open Evaluations

If an Evaluator submitted an Evaluation prior to completing it or needs to make a change, Administrators will have the ability to go into the Completed Evaluation List and Re-Open the Evaluation. Evaluations can be re-opened until they have been Summarized and Approved by the Evaluator of Record.

Step 1: Select the type of Evaluation which needs to be re-opened

  • In this example, we are selecting Students Evaluating Students.

Step 2: Select the Number of Completed Evaluations which needs to be Re-Opened

  • Click on the number in the Done column to view the list of completed Evaluations.

Step 3: Re-Open Completed Evaluation

  1. Check the Re-Open box for the specific User who needs to modify or finish the Evaluation.  
  2. The Evaluation(s) selected will update when you close this page. 

NOTE: You must close this page before the evaluations selected to be re-opened will actually be re-opened. Upon refreshing your screen, the Evaluation selected to be Re-opened will be included in the Open Status on the Course Eval Schedule screen.

Evaluations that are completed and part of a Summary Eval will not have a check box available and cannot be Re-opened unless reset by the Campus and/or Course Template Level Evaluator of Record. Please navigate to the EWF screen at the Course Template to reset the Summary Eval and then return to this screen to re-open the evaluation for access by the evaluator.

Any evaluations using forms that are set to Auto-Approve will always be available to be re-opened as they bypass the Evaluation Workflow approval process. Once an auto-approved evaluation has been re-opened and re-submitted, the evaluatee will receive another email notification of the results (if the Account Manager setting for email notifications is enabled).

Re-Open All Evaluations

  • Click on the Re-Open All link to allow all Users with completed Evaluations to modify or finish the Evaluation.

When Re-Opening All Evaluations you will receive a pop-up confirming you would like all completed Evaluations re-opened.

  • If you are sure you would like to Re-open the Evaluation for the All Evaluators, click Re-Open Evaluations.

Once you confirm and select Re-Open Evaluations, all Evaluations available to Re-open will appear with the check box selected.  

When you Re-Open an Evaluation the data completed prior to the User submitting will remain intact. Any additions or modification to the Evaluation record can be made until the User resubmits the Evaluation.  

The Evaluation has now successfully been re-opened and will be removed from the completed Evaluation List. The re-opened evaluation will now be included in the list of open evaluations on the Course Eval Schedule screen and must be re-submitted before it will appear as completed.