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Linked Events: Sharing Materials

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This article will show you how to share materials across Linked Events.

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Events > Linked Events  > Linked Event Listing

Event Count

Click the Event Count link corresponding to the Linked Event set

Select Event

Click to select a specific Event

Event Screen

Materials Tab, select Manage Uploads


  • Check the box under the Shared column corresponding to the document to be shared
  • The document(s) will be shared across all the other Events in the Linked Events set.

TIP: When you share materials across a set of Linked Events, any change to one of those documents will be reflected in every one of the Events in the set.

NOTE: If you do NOT intend to share the documents with ALL the other Events in the series, you will need to upload the document(s) individually to the other Event.

If you don't share documents, any change you make to one document will not be reflected in the other Events in this set.

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