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A learning event consists of students and Faculty meeting (physically or on-line) at a specific location, date, and time. An event that does meet these criteria should be a Long Event.

Path: Home> Courses > [Course Screen] > Events > Add Event

New Event Record

Learning Event New Record
  • Fill in all required fields (*)
  • Mandatory, Attendance, Attendance Password and Attire are all optional fields.
  • Save Learning Event
Manage Groups

This list is used to assign Groups to an Event.

Groups allow the members of the Group to access an Event. If a User is not in a Group linked to the Event, they will not have access to the Event, or they may have very limited access to the Event.

NOTE: No Groups with a security level greater than your security level will be displayed to you. This primarily affects student-Faculty, who can only see Students and Audit groups.

Student Groups
  • Select the available Student Groups or other groups that you want to have access to this event.
  • Use the square in upper right corner to close window when selection is completed.

This list is used to assign and manage Faculty for an event. One, and only one, of the Faculty must be the primary Faculty member.

  • You can also set the non-financial model flag for any instructor. Setting this flag will remove the instructor's activity in this event from the financial model.
  • The default master list is comprised of Faculty who have been active within the last year.
  • The extended master list is comprised of all Faculty.
  • The Add By Search option will allow you to a quick search for an instructor. This can be much faster than loading the complete instructor list.
  1. Select the Instructors you would like to assign to the Event.
  2. Indicate Primary Instructor for only one.
  3. Check the box if excluding from the financial model.
  4. Select a Custom Time, if applicable.
  5. Check the Instructor's Role, if applicable.
  6. Select the Discipline, if applicable.
  7. Save.

Note: Users who were assigned as Faculty, but are no longer Faculty, or are no longer active, will still show in the list of assigned Faculty. This is so you can remove them from the list.

The number of minutes for an event is calculated in the  background and can sometime take a minute or two to complete. If the  number of minutes has not yet been calculated, the system will show a  default time of 60 minutes for the purposes of assigning custom minutes only, in this screen.

If you return to this screen after a minute or so, the correct minutes will be displayed.

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