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A learning event consists of students and Faculty meeting (physically or on-line) at a specific location and on a specific date(s). If the event has a specific time, it should be entered, otherwise, it should be flagged as an All-Day event.

Path: Home> Courses > [Course Screen] > Events > Add Event

New Event Record

Required Fields

  1. Event Name: Enter an Event Name.
  2. Event Type: Select an Event Type. Note: Event Types can affect default I/M (instructional method) and A/M (assessment method) mapping as well as default event groups. Event Types can also affect how Leo checks for conflicts.
  3. Location: Select a Location from the list for this Event. Locations can also affect how Leo checks for conflicts.
  4. All Day: If the event doesn't have a specific start and end time, you can flag it as an "All Day" event. It will show up at the top of the Leo Calendar. It can also span multiple days.
  5. Start Date/Time and End Date/Time:  Select the Date and Time during which the event will take place.
  6. Groups:  Select the available Student Groups or other groups that you want to have access to this event. Default groups will be automatically added upon save, based on the event type selected.
  7. Add Instructor: You can add as many instructors as needed to the event. One instructor must be flagged as a "primary" instructor. All other fields are optional and, if utilized, will impact Faculty Contribution Tracking.

If you select an Event Type with default groups associated with it for this course section. Those groups will be added to the event when you click Save.

Optional Fields

  1. Attendance Options: These fields are all optional.
  2. Mandatory: If Mandatory is set to Yes, students will have an option to request an absence by accessing their profile, and the event will be flagged with a "M" on the calendar in Leo.
  3. Record Attendance: If Record Attendance is set to Yes, students will have the capability to submit their attendance when they login to Leo by navigating to the Event Screen. Note: You can track attendance in Leo even if this field is set to no. This simply give the student the option to self-report their attendance.
  4. Attendance Password: If entered, the Attendance Password will be required before students can self-report their attendance.
  5. Attire: Select this option if you would like to indicate what students should wear to the event.
  6. This event has been taught before: Select this checkbox if the event is a repeat of an event that happened in a previous iteration of this course. This will affect Faculty Contribution Tracking.
  7. Tentative: Select this checkbox if you are nto yet ready for students to view the event.
  8. Save: Click to Save the event.
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