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Materials: LTI Links

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Our expanded  LTI content management options make it easier for users to access and manage LTI content (such as recordings and other resources) from all providers. The LTI module tool puts you in control of managing the LTI content for courses and events through features such as various naming and filtering options, the ability to see all LTI content for a particular course, run exception reports and bulk add information.

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LTI Resource Management

This report displays Resource Links to all of your Event or Course content which is hosted by an LTI Provider.

You can manage the links to the content for one of these external systems here. The nature of what can be controlled in this screen is dependent upon the capabilities that have been enabled between Leo and the Provider's system.


  1. Some LTI Providers require you to copy the links from their system and  paste them into Leo.
  2. Other Providers allow you to first create the link object in Leo, and then click it to go connect it to your content of choice in the Provider's system.

As we integrate with each Provider, we take this into account and have modified the interface appropriately to allow you to quickly set up LTI links.

This screen displays all the resources that are hosted by an LTI provider to the Course, Events or Long Events.

  1. Filter: Users can filter LTI content by provider or Event Type.
  2. Add: Add LTI content to a specific Event or Course.
  3. Session column: Links directly to the Course or Event screens
  4. Name column: Links to LTI Resource screen for easy editing.
Filter LTI Report

This screen lets you define the Filter settings for the Course-wide LTI Management Report.

Filter Options Include:

  • LTI Provider
  • Event Types
  • Status  
    • Active: Display Learning Objects (LOs) with active LTI content
    • Deleted: LOs with deleted LTI content
    • Exception: LOs with no active LTI content
  • Select the LTI Provider
  • Choose the Event Type
  • Select the status
  • Click Apply Filter.

NOTE: Filter Options will also affect other filter options. For example: If  you select a specific LTI Provider and then select specific Event Types, LTI links will be available only for those Event Type.

Add LTI Content

Find your provider and click Select to save.

For information on setting up a Zoom LTI integration for the course section, click here.

Edit LTI Resource

This screen allows you to create an LTI resource in your Panopto account. Virtually all of the required data is already present when you get to this screen. The record created here will create a Panopto folder and will allow to access that folder from your Event or Section screen.

The screens for each LTI provider are customized, so the screens to connect with content from other providers may look different.

  • Folder Name: (8) required
  • Description: optional
  • Save
  • Deleted: Mark as deleted if no longer using and click Save.
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